Thank you for visiting our web site.  We don’t want you to feel ‘new’ here — we really hope you feel WELCOME.   We extend an invitation to worship with us this Sunday or join us in any of our other activities.   If you are currently looking for a church home or new to the Crown Point area, we would be honored to  help you explore FUMC as your new home.  If you visit on a Sunday, our Welcome Center is a great place to start!  Otherwise, please feel free to call, email, contact us via social media, or speak to any of our members about any questions you have.    

Accordion Under Construction

1. How does one become a member?


2. What is a New Member Class?


3. What is a sponsor and how do I get one?


4. What happens on Membership Sunday?


On your Membership Sunday, you will meet in the Parlor with your sponsor before the worship service.  A name tag and corsage will be given to you and pictures will be taken of you for the newsletter and directory.  During the worship, you will stand up front with your sponsor and other new members and take the “vows” of membership.